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Individual book owners

On this page are inscriptions for individual book owners, both Jesuits and non Jesuits.  Scroll down for a separate section for named female inscriptions.  Female inscriptions showing ownership of books by convents can be found on the 'Other Institutions' page.

Click here to see bookplates for individual former owners

The first section concerns a few Jesuits who have been involved in the care of the books now in the Jesuit Antiquarian Book Collection.  These Jesuits not only cared for the books, but  wrote in them so we know about their work.  Please click on their names for more information.

In the other sections on this page, please click on an image to learn more.

Jesuit Archivists, Librarians and others who cared for Jesuit Books

Joseph Blundell SJ (1686-1759)

Henry Foley SJ (1811-1891)

Joseph Stevenson SJ (1806-1895)

John Hungerford Pollen SJ (1858-1925)

Charles Newdigate SJ (1863-1942)

Jesuits who inscribed books

This section highlights Jesuits who have written their names in books as a mark of ownership.  Please click on any of the images for more information.

Non-Jesuit men

This gallery consists of men who were not Jesuits who inscribed their names in books.  Some are identified but the majority remain unidentified.  Any information which would help with identification will be gratefully received, and credited - please use the contact form at the foot of this page.  Please scroll through and click on each image for more information.

Female book owners

A number of our books have been inscribed by women.  It has proved even harder to link these inscriptions to known individuals than with the male inscriptions.  Any help with identification will be very gratefully received, and credited.  Please use the contact form at the base of the page to get in touch.   

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