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John Hungerford Pollen SJ

John Hungerford Pollen was born in 1858, one of ten children of the art historian and curator at the South Kensington Museum, John Hungerford Pollen and his wife, Maria Margaret.  Pollen senior was a Catholic convert and ensured a Catholic education for his children.  Pollen joined the Jesuits in 1877.  He was very involved in the Cause of the English Martyrs, and was Postulator of the Cause.  He occasionally signed his name in books and added 'Post. M.M.'.  He was a historian and in 1895 he was commissioned to write a History of the English Jesuit Province.  Because of his work on these projects he was very familiar with the Province Archives, and was named as the first Keeper of the Archives in 1920.  Much of the organisation of the Archives at Mount Street was started by him, and this included care for the Antiquarian Books.

Some of the books contain notes in his handwriting explaining their provenance, and others have his name written in them.  We assume the books he inscribed were his private collection which became part of the Jesuit Antiquarian Book Collection.

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