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H. O.

At least two books have the initials H. O. inscribed, both in the same hand. Other than these initials, the provenance marks in these two books do not suggest overlapping ownership in the past. H. O. is an unknown individual or institution - any help with identification is gratefully received.

A/871 has the letters H. O. on either side of the first word of the title. A bookplate in the front of the book shows it was owned by Edmund Waterton (1830-1887), and an entry from a bookseller's catalogue has been pasted in.

Book reference:

Castlemaine, Roger Palmer The Catholique apology with a reply to the answer : together with a clear refutation of the Seasonable discourse, its Reasonable defence, & Dr. Du Moulins Answer to Philanax, as also Dr. Stillingfleet's last gun-powder treason sermon, his attaque about the treaty of Munster, & all matter of fact charg'd on the English Catholiques by their enemies. 1674. A/871

A/168 has the letters H. O. on either side of the first word of the title . Other ownership marks connect this book with the Jesuit administrative district of the Holy Apostles, at Bury St Edmunds, and with the House Library at St Beuno's

Book Reference:

The Canons and Decrees of the Council of Trent, Celebrated under Paul III, Julius III and Pius IV, Bishops of Rome. Printed in London for T.Y. and to be Sold by the Booksellers of London and Westminster. 1687. A/168

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